Resource Consents

What does a town planner or resource consent planner cost in Auckland?

The cost of a town planner to prepare a resource consent can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the specific services required, and the zoning of the property.

Typically, the cost of preparing a report for the resource consent can vary from $2,500 + GST to $6,000 + GST depending on the above reasons.

Do I need a Resource Consent?

With a few exceptions, most development of land and/or housing requires a resource consent. We can give you advice about whether your project needs a resource consent.

What is the resource consent process?

Once your development has been designed a resource consent application is prepared and lodged with Council. Council access the application and if they are unclear about any matter in that application they may ask for additional information under a section 92 request. Once Council is satisfied, they will approve the resource consent application.

Is a Resource Consent different from a building consent?

A building consent is required under the Building Act for structures determined to be buildings under the unitary plan and generally is sought after a resource consent application in a land development subdivision. A resource consent is required under the Resource Management Act and unitary plan to cover land use, subdivision and discharge aspects of the development.

Can I subdivide my property?

We can provide free initial advice about if your property can be subdivided.