Resource Consent Services

All subdivisions, from a simple boundary adjustment to a large comprehensive land development require resource consent from the relevant Local Authority. We will oversee the application for and obtaining of all necessary subdivision and land use consents for your development.

Resource Consents

What is a Resource Consent?

A Resource Consent in New Zealand is a permission given by a Local Authority to do something that has the potential to affect the environment, or isn’t allowed ‘as of right’ in the relevant District or Regional Plan. It could be for something as simple as building a high deck on the front of your home; or it may be something more substantial such as subdividing a property or building a multi-storey apartment block.

As cadastral surveyors, we will prepare and submit any Resource Consent application you require for your project to ensure the consenting process is as straightforward as possible.

When approved, your Resource Consent frequently comes with conditions attached, which must be met for your project to proceed. For example, servicing requirements for stormwater and wastewater. We will take the time to explain any Consent conditions to you and work you through the steps you need to take to comply with those that relate to the surveying aspects of your project.

What does a resource consent planner do?

A resource consent planner (also known as a town planner) is a professional who specializes in the field of subdivisions, land use and environmental planning. Their primary role is to assist in obtaining resource consents for land development or activities that may impact the environment. Resource consents are typically required to ensure that land use and development projects comply with local, regional, and national planning regulations and policies.

The key responsibilities and tasks of a resource consent planner are:

  • Assessment of Compliance
  • Resource Consent Applications
  • Engagement with Council/Local Authorities
  • Public and Stakeholder Consultation
  • Project Management
  • Compliance Monitoring
Do I need a Resource Consent

Do I need a Resource Consent?

The sort of land development situations where you may need to apply for a Resource Consent include:

  • Developing or subdividing land.
  • Property developments.
  • Earthworks.
  • Work alongside or close to waterways.

As your appointed surveyors, we can tell you if resource consent is required for your land development project. To gain the consent you will need to comply with the current Council regulations and the completed project must fulfil all conditions related to the consent.

Resource Consents FAQ

What does a town planner or resource consent planner cost in Auckland?

The cost of a town planner to prepare a resource consent can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the project, the specific services required, and the zoning of the property.

Typically, the cost of preparing a report for the resource consent can vary from $2,500 + GST to $6,000 + GST depending on the above reasons.

Do I need a Resource Consent?

With a few exceptions, most development of land and/or housing requires a resource consent. We can give you advice about whether your project needs a resource consent.

What is the resource consent process?

Once your development has been designed a resource consent application is prepared and lodged with Council. Council access the application and if they are unclear about any matter in that application they may ask for additional information under a section 92 request. Once Council is satisfied, they will approve the resource consent application.

Is a Resource Consent different from a building consent?

A building consent is required under the Building Act for structures determined to be buildings under the unitary plan and generally is sought after a resource consent application in a land development subdivision. A resource consent is required under the Resource Management Act and unitary plan to cover land use, subdivision and discharge aspects of the development.

Can I subdivide my property?

We can provide free initial advice about if your property can be subdivided.

The Subdivision Process

The subdivision surveying for every land development we undertake follows the same five-step process to ensure complete transparency and satisfaction for every Thornley and Associates client.

The Subdivision Process

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