As-built Survey Services

An As-Built Survey gathers accurate survey information of the location of new Council assets constructed as part of your development and prepares an accurate plan of this information.

As-built Survey

Will I need an As-Built Survey?

When undertaking a land development where new public assets, such as stormwater or wastewater drainage, utilities and roading, are constructed as a condition of the consent signed As-Built Plans of these assets will be required by the local Council before Compliance certificate is issued.

Only a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor or Registered Professional Surveyors are able to sign off As-Built Survey Plans. As licensed cadastral surveyors, the team at Thornley and Associates are able to complete this process for you.

As-built Survey FAQ

What is an as-built Survey?

An as-built survey shows an accurate 3D location of the infrastructure and structures constructed during the development. This information is required by Council as part of compliance certifications and has to be undertaken and signed by a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor.

Why do we need an As-built survey?

As-builts surveys are generally required by Council to record the location of new public assets and update the Geographical Information System (GIS) to reflect this. Our team at Thornley and Associates are experienced in as-built surveys and are here to help.

The Subdivision Process

The subdivision surveying for every land development we undertake follows the same five-step process to ensure complete transparency and satisfaction for every Thornley and Associates client.

The Subdivision Process

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