Topographical Surveyors

Topographical surveyors identify the contours of a piece of land. They will also map any features that exist above or below ground, such as buildings, concrete, services, roads and any significant trees. These are depicted on a topographical plan. For building purposes, topographical surveying also includes boundary lines and easements.

As topographical surveyors, the team at Thornley and Associates will deliver your property’s topographical plan as a pdf and DWG file which includes a 3D TIN model.

Topographical Surveyors Auckland

Land development & Topographical Surveying

A topographical survey will give you detail on your land and its features. That makes it vital when planning a land development. It will measure and show you the slope and accurate ground levels on your development site.

Once your architect or consultant receive a topographical survey, and they will use the topographical survey information to design your new development or building and ensure all Council regulations are adhered to.

For this reason, almost any time a landowner decides to build a new building that requires Council approval, a topographical survey will need to be undertaken and completed before any architectural or engineering designs can be submitted.

What is included in Topographical Survey

What is included in a Topographical Survey?

As explained above, a topographical survey will include:

  • Land contours
  • Services
  • Roading and concreted areas
  • Significant trees

If you are planning to extend an existing building, the survey report will also include aspects such as the building’s:

  • Location on site
  • Floor levels
  • Gutter levels
  • The roof heights in relation to neighbouring boundaries

Topographical Survey FAQ

What does a survey cost?

The cost of a survey can vary depending on the type of survey, the size of your property and the age of the underlying and surrounding survey data related to your property. We can provide an estimate of survey costs at the start of a project.

When will I need a topographic survey?

Generally, land development and subdivisions projects require a topographical survey to position key features, such as buildings and drainage, and take levels over the site. The topographic survey information is then provided to other disciplines e.g. Architects, involved in the design of your development.

The Subdivision Process

The subdivision surveying for every land development we undertake follows the same five-step process to ensure complete transparency and satisfaction for every Thornley and Associates client.

The Subdivision Process

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