Height to Boundary Surveying and Certification

When developing land or subdividing in Auckland, the Council typically imposes conditions on the Consent. One of these conditions may be that all structures must comply with the Council’s current height in relation to boundary requirements. Certification of compliance with height to boundary rules will be required for Code of Compliance certification.

Height to Boundary Surveying and Certification

When should I Complete Height to Boundary Survey?

Most Councils and Local Authorities in New Zealand have regulations relating to how closely you can build to a boundary and to what height. Before commencing any building project, you should ensure that the proposed design will comply with those height to boundary regulations.

A Height to Boundary Survey will ensure all buildings are positioned correctly. This requires a surveyor to measure critical ground levels to confirm all structures will be compliant. A surveyor’s certificate will then usually by required to certify that compliance.

Auckland Council height to boundary regulations can be quite difficult to interpret and vary from suburb to suburb and from one building type to the next. That’s why it is vital that, whenever you embark on a building or land development project in Auckland, you engage an experienced surveyor to conduct an accurate Height to Boundary Survey.

As Auckland surveyors, Thornley and Associates Limited, can complete the survey and provide you with a certificate that will inform Council that your development fits within the height and relation rules within the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Height to Boundary Certification FAQ

What is height in relation to boundary?

Council’s unitary plan sets standards limiting how high a building can be depending on its proximity to a boundary ie the closer a building is to the boundary the lower the allowed height of the roof line must be.

Why do you need a height in relation to boundary survey?

You may require a height in relation to boundary survey to ensure that you meet the standards within your areas zoning or to confirm that any infringements that have been granted under a land use consent have not been exceeded.

The Subdivision Process

The subdivision surveying for every land development we undertake follows the same five-step process to ensure complete transparency and satisfaction for every Thornley and Associates client.

The Subdivision Process

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