Unit Titles

With changes to the Unitary Plan which has led to the intensification of urban areas, Unit Title subdivisions in Auckland have become more common to enable multiple level subdivision on smaller sites.

Thornley and Associates’ experience with Unit Tile developments and subdivisions ensures the best results for clients.

Unit Titles

What is a Unit Title Subdivision or Development?

Unit Title owners own a defined part of a building, such as an apartment, and share common areas such as lifts, lobbies or driveways with other owners.

Also referred to as a ‘strata title’ or ‘stratum estate,’ Unit Titles are most common in a multi-storied building where there are multiple owners.

Learn some of the benefits of a Unit Title Subdivision.

As a unit owner within a Unit Titled building

As a unit owner within a Unit Titled building, you own:

  • Your specific apartment and any accessory units such as a garages or carpark, private courtyards and storage areas as listed in the record of title.
  • An undivided share of the ownership of the common property such as lifts, lobby areas, driveways and gardens.

A Unit Title Development is most common in a multi-storied complex such as an apartment building but, in a residential setting, can also be used for individual houses or joined (duplex) houses. They can also be found in commercial buildings where there are multiple units and the owners share the common land that surround them.

Unit Title subdivisions will invariably have a Body Corporate comprising all property owners. The role of this committee is to administer the property, manage common areas, and oversee maintenance and improvements.

Unit Title surveying and the preparing of Unit Title Plans can be a complex task. Our team of land surveyors has both expertise and experience in the Unit Tile processes and will work to ensure an accurate outcome every time.

Unit Titles FAQ

Why do a unit title subdivision?

A unit title subdivision allows you to obtain titles for more intensive housing, and is typically used where there will be height limits on the buildings e.g. multi-storey apartment or commercial development or where there are shared amenities which require on-going maintenance. We can advise whether a unit title subdivision would be a better option for your development.

The Subdivision Process

The subdivision surveying for every land development we undertake follows the same five-step process to ensure complete transparency and satisfaction for every Thornley and Associates client.

The Subdivision Process

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