What does a town planner or resource consent planner do?

What does a resource consent planner do

The role of a resource consent planner

A resource consent planner is a professional who specializes in the field of subdivisions, land use and environmental planning. Their primary role is to assist in obtaining resource consents for land development or activities that may impact the environment. Resource consents are typically required to ensure that land use and development projects comply with local, regional, and national planning regulations and policies.

Here are the key responsibilities and tasks of a resource consent planner:

Assessment of Compliance

The resource consent planner evaluates proposed land use or development projects to determine whether they comply with the relevant planning regulations and policies. They assess how the project aligns with zoning rules, environmental protections, unitary plan and other legal requirements.

Resource Consent Applications

The resource consent planner prepares a report assessing the effects of the development and evaluates the proposed project in relation to the rules of the Unitary Plan and effects on the surrounding environment, including issues related to water quality, air quality, noise, ecological impact. This involves gathering and organizing the necessary documentation and information such as architectural design plans, scheme plans, engineering design plans, infrastructure reports and traffic reports and submitting the application to the appropriate Council/authority for approval.

Engagement with Council/Local Authorities

The resource consent planner engages with local councils and regulatory bodies to facilitate the application process. They may attend meetings, address any concerns or questions from the authorities, and negotiate conditions that need to be met.

Public and Stakeholder Consultation

Depending on the project’s scale and potential impact, resource consent planners may facilitate public and stakeholder consultation processes, ensuring that affected parties have the opportunity to provide input and feedback.

Project Management

Resource consent planners manage the entire resource consent process, from the initial application through to approval or rejection. This includes meeting deadlines, complying with any conditions set by the authorities, and ensuring the project proceeds smoothly.

Compliance Monitoring

After resource consent is granted, planners may assist clients in monitoring and ensuring ongoing compliance with the consent conditions.

In Conclusion

Resource consent planners play a crucial role in helping clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring that proposed developments or land use activities are carried out in a way that minimizes environmental impact and complies with the law. Their expertise is particularly valuable in areas where land development must balance economic and community needs with environmental protection.

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