Freehold Subdivision

What is the cost of converting a cross lease to fee simple title?

The cost to convert a cross-lease to a fee simple title can vary widely depending on several factors, including the complexity of the conversion, location, legal fees, surveying costs, and other associated expenses.

Fees for the Resource consent application, Land Transfer Survey, Council fees and LINZ fees for converting a cross lease to fee simple title would be approximately $15,000 + GST per flat/title but an accurate quote would be provided on a site-by-site basis. This excludes legal fees.

What does a survey cost?

The cost of a survey can vary depending on the type of survey, the size of your property and the age of the underlying and surrounding survey data related to your property. We can provide an estimate of survey costs at the start of a project.

When will I need a topographic survey?

Generally, land development and subdivisions projects require a topographical survey to position key features, such as buildings and drainage, and take levels over the site. The topographic survey information is then provided to other disciplines e.g. Architects, involved in the design of your development.

Do I need a land surveyor?

If you are subdividing or pegging your boundaries you require a Licensed or Registered Professional Surveyor to undertake a land transfer survey to legally define your new or existing parcel of land.

What is the resource consent process?

Once your development has been designed a resource consent application is prepared and lodged with Council. Council access the application and if they are unclear about any matter in that application they may ask for additional information under a section 92 request. Once Council is satisfied, they will approve the resource consent application.

How long will the subdivision take?

Depending on the size of the development and extent and duration of the construction, simple subdivisions can be completed within a year. More extensive developments will obviously take a longer period of time. We can give you an estimate of time and cost during the initial feasibility study of the development.

Can I subdivide my property?

We can provide free initial advice about if your property can be subdivided.

What is the cost to subdivide?

The cost of subdivisions can vary quite a bit depending on size and construction costs. We can give you advice on costs at the feasibility stage.

Why do I need a Land Development Engineer?

If you require engineering work as part of your development you will need an engineer for the design, monitoring or certification the construction of the engineering works on site. The engineering works may consist of earthworks, sediment and erosion controls, stormwater design, wastewater design, roading design, water reticulation and common accessways.