What is a cross lease to fee simple title conversion?

Benefits of upgrading a cross lease title

A cross-lease conversion is upgrading your title from a cross-lease to fee simple. The process is usually quite streamlined especially if your drainage and driveways are in decent condition. The process usually involves getting your neighbours consent, you can’t upgrade part of a cross lease, it all must be done at once, completing a scheme plan/site plan and making a resource consent application to Auckland Council.

Council will normally issue consent with minimal consent conditions. Conditions requiring physical works are very unlikely unless there is a glaring issue.

Once the application is approved a Land transfer survey is completed to place the new boundary pegs. Plans and reports are prepared and submitted to LINZ along with your solicitors document to gain new fee simple titles.

The Benefits of upgrading a cross lease title to Fee simple?

  • increase in property value
  • free simple is a better form of title
  • no restrictions with a fee simple title and easier to sell
  • you don’t have to ask your neighbours permission to complete alterations to your building or property if you have a freehold site.
  • decreased risk of legal issues with neighbours
  • freedom to be able to modify or re-develop your site without having neighbours’ approval.

Learn what a cross lease is and why they were a popular historic form of development. If you are already considering the switch, then read about the cross-lease to fee simple process.

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