Cross-lease to fee simple process

Cross-lease to fee simple process

The process for a cross-lease to fee simple title is generally a relatively simple process. First you will need to discuss and agree that you all wish to proceed with the cross lease to fee simple conversion with your neighbours. Thornley and Associates can then help step you through this process to gain fee simple titles. Below is the process to convert your cross-lease title to a fee simple title.

Site Investigations

  • CCTV inspection of private drainage
  • Engineer reviews the CCTV inspection & driveways
  • Topographic survey of site
  • Investigation of title and owners agreement

Subdivision Consent

  • Prepare Scheme plan and present to all affected parties for approval
  • Prepare and submit subdivision consent to Council
  • Council approve Subdivision consent

Land Transfer survey

  • Complete Land Transfer survey and pegging of new boundaries
  • Prepare survey plans (Record of Survey) and survey reports


  • Apply for 223 certificate
  • Apply for 224c certificate


  • Solicitors check documentation
  • You and your neighbours sign documentation with your solicitors for new titles


  • Survey plans and solicitors’ documents are lodged to LINZ for new titles
  • New Titles are issued.
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