At Thornley we offer a wide range of surveying services at a reasonable cost. From Redefinition Surveys to obtaining Unit Titles for your completed commercial building, we carry out these services to a highly professional standard. For more information on a service, please select the title.

Redefinition Survey

When planning on fencing your property or building an extension to your house and the boundary pegs cannot be found, or you consider their position dubious, a redefinition survey under our control will locate, replace and flag your boundary pegs.

Topographical Survey

If you are planning on building a house, extending an existing house or considering subdividing your property, a topographical survey will position and height the physical features of your site in exact relationship to your boundaries, and is a pre-requisite for these activities. The resultant plan is typically produced in both digital and print formats with contours and to a degree commensurate with the project.

Resource Consents

All subdivision, from a simple boundary adjustment to a large comprehensive development will require a Resource Consent from your Local Authority. Thornley & Associates Ltd can obtain all necessary subdivision and land use consents you require for your development.

Engineering Survey

As part of your subdivision you may need to construct drainage, watermains, driveways and possibly roads to serve the new sites. These must be designed, approved by your Local Authority, constructed and certified. Thornley & Associates Ltd is well versed and very experienced in this work.

Set Out Surveys

Once you have your Building Consent, Thornley & Associates Ltd can set out the position and floor levels of the house based on the plans within the consent and provide certification of this work.

Alternatively when starting a larger construction project, setting out of key points, grids, roading or drainage will be required. This work is regularly undertaken by Thornley & Associates Ltd.

Height to Boundary Certification

Upon completion of your house, certification of compliance with height to boundary rules is frequently required by your Local Authority. We can help you here.

Land Transfer Survey

When subdivision consent has been obtained, the boundaries need to be pegged, the Land Transfer plans and supporting documentation prepared, certified by the Local Authority and approved by LINZ (Land Information New Zealand). This is one of our core activities.

Cross Lease

Cross Lease subdivision was particularly popular in the 1980s, but following the introduction of the Resource Management Act in 1991 is now rarely undertaken.

However as a large number of cross lease titles still exist and this form of title is based on the footprint of your building, any changes you make to your house, garage or deck could make your title "deficient". This could affect your ability to sell your property quickly. We can help you update your cross lease or consider the options to freehold the titles.

Unit Titles

Unit Titles are a form of subdivision governed under the Unit Titles Act. This form of title is based on the completed buildings and is most often seen in either commercial developments or when large numbers of residential units are constructed e.g. high rise or retirement villages. We can advise whether this is the right form of title for your development and work through the process with you.